25 suggestions for work units
  1. No matter how far you live, arrive at the office at least 10 minutes in advance each morning. If it is a unified bus, you should also arrive at the waiting point 5 minutes in advance. Don't be late for work and ask for less leave.
  2. Whenever you meet colleagues or acquaintances, you must take the initiative to say hello and be sincere.
  3. In the car, take the initiative to make a seat for seniors, leaders, and female colleagues. Don't compete with anyone for the car or seat.
  4. When entering the office, you should take the initiative to arrange hygiene. Even if you have a full-time cleaner, you must clean up your desk. All this should be done before the official start of working hours.
  5. Breakfast should be completed outside the office and before work starts.
  6. Before starting work every day, you should spend 5 to 10 minutes to make a written arrangement for the whole day's work. Pay special attention to the work that was not completed yesterday.
  7. Every day, work that must be reported to the leaders and discussed with others must be arranged ahead of schedule.
  8. Ask leaders, colleagues to report and contact for work. Make an appointment in advance, knock on the door softly, and greet you warmly.
  9. At work time, do not arrange time for handling private affairs. In special circumstances, you must ask the leader for instructions.
  10. Don't use your work computer to chat, play, or watch the news except for work.
  11. It is not allowed to use work phone for chatting. Even if you need to talk at work, you should talk short and be polite.
  12. When talking and doing things in the office, you should not make too much noise, it is advisable not to affect the work of others.
  13. Prepare office supplies for the day before going to work every day. Don't bring things not related to work into the office.
  14, after work, on the desktop, do not place the computer work writing pieces information . Before work, you should encrypt, lock, turn off the power, etc., do not leave early.
  15. Except that you must take it with you, do not bring working documents, materials, materials, company items, etc. back to the dormitory.
  16. Living in the same room with others, we should pay attention to the bedroom and personal hygiene, fully respect the living habits of others, trust each other and get along with each other.
  17. When traveling for business, you must absolutely obey the company's personnel, time, funds, and work arrangements, and do not mention requirements that have nothing to do with work, and do not take advantage of opportunities to do private affairs.
  18. Unless you are alone, don't play mobile phones or send text messages or phone calls frequently during office hours and in public places.
  19. Persist in learning professional knowledge. Learn at least 10 minutes for half an hour before going to bed every day . Persist every day, no matter where you are.
  20. Persist in receiving new information. Watch TV for half an hour or read the mainstream, professional newspapers for half an hour, or browse the Internet for half an hour. Perseverance, but should be after work hours.
  21. Pay attention to the work and development of units and departments. If there are ideas and suggestions, they should be timely reported to the leaders through appropriate methods.
  22. Summarize your work and life in a timely manner and properly plan your personal work and life for a period of time.
  23. Make your life as regular as possible, ensure a balanced diet, and dress normally and concisely. Work clothes must be worn as required.
  24, pay attention to personal appearance, regular haircuts, shaving, shoes every day.
  25. If the work cannot be completed on time or there is an accident, it must be reported to the leadership in time to find new solutions to avoid losses as much as possible.