I took 200 subordinates and found that the young people who can do it have these 4 characteristics
  We've seen too much to promote the success of the article's, high above them, large-scale cooperation, but without any actual reference value.
  Today, Uncle Liang said that the four former subordinates may be too small compared to those big men, but I witnessed it with my own eyes.
  They stand out in the ordinary environment and finally have an ordinary victory, maybe these stories really inspired you.
  Kong Lin, currently the head of a Fortune 500 sales team, has good economic conditions and has a house and a car in Shenzhen.
  I was not optimistic about him. He was very short and had a low education background. He had a strong accent in Hunan and was uncomfortable in speaking.
  But for 10 years, he shattered my prejudice with results.
  At the beginning of the sale, he was very difficult to survive, relying on small orders to support his livelihood, and even slept in a park lounge chair at the worst time.
  After three years in the business, he placed a big order and has since turned around.
  It was a large company, and I didn't know how Kong Lin got in touch with him.
  But, like a man home business, doors are not all business dominated by the relationship between the two families.
  According to this situation, most people will retreat because there is not much hope.
  But Konglin was clinging like brown sugar.
  Go for a circle every three to five, and send some calendars for the holidays ...
  According to what is said now, it often brushes on presence.
  This brush is three years, until waiting for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  The company purchased a batch of equipment and arrived on Friday night. Because it will be operational the next day, the operator is afraid of operating risks, so he hopes to purchase equipment insurance as soon as possible.
  However, after looking for the two related households, they replied that it was too late, the company was off work, not on Saturday and Sunday, and only on Monday.
  The manager did not dare to take the risk, and reported it directly to the general manager. The general manager was so arrogant that he asked the manager, who else could he find besides those two suppliers?
  The manager said that a surname Kong often came, but never cooperated.
  The general manager said, ask the surname Kong if he can work overtime. If he can, he will do the business for him.
  Kong Lin certainly did not miss this opportunity. At night, the bill clerk and reviewer received the company overtime, and the insurance policy was all settled.
  Later, the general manager of the client also used the topic to give Kong Lin one-third of the company's business. This was not a small sale and became the first bucket of gold in Kong Lin's business.
  Since then, he has been more determined in his nougat strategy, and he has invented a concept called the "breakpoint effect".
  This means that no matter how good the relationship between customers and competitors is, the better the product is, as long as the time is long, there will be "breakpoints".
  Either the position of the key decision maker is changed, or a certain service is not completed, or an unexpected random event occurs.
  In short, when the "breakpoint" appears, as long as you are still within the customer's line of sight, there is often the possibility of a comeback.
  Therefore, Kong Lin has repeatedly harvested large orders in the past 10 years.
  I know that Kong Lin's story is not inspirational at all. When I tell others about his nougat strategy, he is often stigmatized as "low-end".
  In fact, the nougat strategy is extremely practical, because once you adhere to this concept, it is equivalent to attracting one of the most powerful allies: time.
  Therefore, why did Zeng Guofan realize the golden rule of "hardening a village and fighting wrecks" during many years of battle.
  Because in the long river of time, no matter how powerful an opponent is, there are always mistakes. You just need to keep your own stability, pay close attention to the other party, and turn the other party's mistake into your own opportunity.
  PHS Wang Yi
  Wang Yichong, I often call him Wang Yi. Now he is the general manager of a large automobile 4S chain organization. The original organization was his customer. Later the chairman dug him in.
  Wang Yi is much more flexible than Confucius. He is very talkative. He is not tall and is a bit fat, so everyone calls him "Little Smart".
  Wang Yi's biggest characteristic is that he is very sensitive to people, knows how to take care of others, and is like a woman with a careful mind.
  Let me give you an example.
  At one time, we took an older customer to the mainland for business trips, driving long distances.
  The weather was cold, and the customer said that he wanted to drink some hot water, but where is the bird not shit, where is the hot water?
  I finally got to a service area and found that there was hot water to pick it up, but there was no cup, so I was anxious.
  Wang Yi said it was too cold. Let's get in the car first and wait for a solution.
  He bought a large bottle of canned fruit. After pouring out the fruit, he emptied the glass jar and filled it with hot water.
  I also found 3 nets with apples, and put them on the cups, which has a thermal insulation effect and is not hot.
  The customer took a large cup of hot water and sighed for a long time, saying that we were very careful.
  Wang Yi is this kind of person. He is exquisite in all directions, as long as he deals with people, he is very easy to use.
  Perhaps the chairman just valued this point before asking him to go.
  Wang Yi also used his own strengths to get along with the OEM, sales shops, and employees at all levels.
  Some people will comment on his imaginary head, but we may ignore a fact.
  Everyone in the world needs a sense of comfort other than the things that depend on us. Do n’t all the products around us meet our needs?
  Along this line of thought, you may understand why those who come especially are always able to eat.
  The natural world is fickle, but the human heart is always the same. If you can gain insight into human nature and give people an unusual and considerate place, isn't it a kind of competitiveness?
  Liu Ning who is good at integration
  Liu Ning, starting a business now , is in the angel round investment stage, mainly for small loans for the animal husbandry industry.
  He doesn't like to talk, but his mind is very good and very assertive.
  When I worked as a product director, I was impressed by a meeting.
  A colleague submitted a motion to vigorously expand a product line, because according to our data, that product line is profitable and the market size is large, so we must adopt a low-cost strategy to seize the market.
  You see, the profit is good and the market is big.
  But Liu Ning said immediately that our data looks good, most likely because of the small sample size.
  Our current product policy is conservative, so of course the quality of the business that comes in is of course good. If we expand our share, the profit level will tend to be closer to the market average, so we must first understand the market average level, rather than set a low price strategy first.
  After full discussion, we adopted Liu Ning's proposal.
  I felt like he was young and thinking deeply.
  Later, he went to an inland agricultural insurance company for management and started his own business, specializing in small loans to livestock owners.
  Because this business is so risky, few people are willing to step in.
  However, Liu Ning merged the livestock owner, insurance company, feed mill and his own company to create a rigorous system.
  The livestock owner used the livestock as collateral to loan to Liu Ning Company;
  At the same time as Liu Ning's loan, he also acts as insurance agent and collects a certain amount of premiums from livestock owners, which can pass on the risk of death of livestock;
  At the same time, considering that direct lending to the livestock owner may be abused, the loan is paid to the corresponding feed factory, and the livestock owner can only use this money to buy feed (the largest expenditure of animal husbandry).
  And even more amazing, in order to prevent livestock owners from using uninsured pigs to make fake claims, Liu Ning also introduced a high-tech: "Pig Face Recognition Technology", which can quickly identify "real pigs" and "fake pig".
  I asked him: "Can you make money by investing so much?"
  He said: "Of course, insurance and feed have agency fees, and these incomes alone are considerable ..."
  To be honest, I admire Liu Ning very much. He can connect several irrelevant fields closely, which is a rare ability.
  In fact, there are many such people. Unlike Wang Yi, they can talk and talk to each other.
  However, they have meticulous thinking skills, and they can deduct the overall situation along a vein.
  They may lack the so-called leadership temperament, but they have super mobility and the ability to integrate with the times.
  That's what they are worth.
  As Luo Zhenyu said:
  This is an era of supremacy of synergy, and if you can connect things that seem to be unrelated, you have great value.
  A sense of purpose
  Yang Jun, an entrepreneur, has been favored by well-known investment institutions and has reached the stage C financing stage, mainly engaged in financial industry operation services.
  He graduated in computer science. He belongs to a group of people who are intelligent and intelligent. He dares to act and is very opinionated.
  I was impressed the first day I saw him.
  At that time, I was the director of the Innovation Business Department. I was writing an email. The front desk brought Yang Jun in, saying that I wanted to come to my department to apply for a job.
  I let him sit and looked at his resume.
  "Bachelor of Computer, Master of Data Mining, 2 years in a large bank ..."
  I was a little surprised and asked him, such a good professional, should go to an Internet company, why should I come to an insurance company?
  He said, "I am looking for a gap between the financial industry and the mobile Internet to find a business model to start a business.
  Therefore, after working in a bank for two years and wanting to work in an insurance company for another two years, I have a better understanding of the financial system. "
  I was taken aback by his frankness, because which company does not want employees to be loyal? Who wants employees to use the company as a springboard?
  He looked at me hesitantly, so he said: "Lead you at ease, I can guarantee to work with peace of mind for two years and it will definitely bring you value."
  His tone was firm and steady, giving a kind of unconditional acceptance.
  At the same time, I also thought, which young man is not riding a donkey to find a horse? And he just expressed it.
  So he got hired and was responsible for several projects.
  It turned out that, as he said, there was no need to urge work at all. Not only was he taking the initiative and finding work himself, he also often stood in my perspective and made suggestions for department development.
  I thought at the time, can there be such a wonderful staff?
  Think again and understand.
  Because he wants to start a business in the future, he must think like a leader;
  Because he is looking for a business model, he has to focus on something more systematic, not just the matter at hand.
  Within two years, he had carried out several successful projects, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the company, and received various honors.
  Of course, he also found a business model, started his own business with great success, and opened branches in many places.
  People like Yang Jun are definitely not here to play a supporting role. They want to dominate their own destiny. They always know exactly what they want.
  The writer Li Gang once said:
  Goal and sense of purpose are two concepts. The core of sense of purpose (Asenseofpurpose) is not "goal" but "sense". It is often that you can feel what you really want and use it as a guide for action.
  Therefore, Yang Jun is such a person with a sense of purpose. He actively controls everything that he can control, and advances step by step in a predetermined direction until he reaches the peak of life.
  Kong Lin, Wang Yi, Liu Ning, and Yang Jun, four people, have different personalities, education backgrounds, and different fields, but they all put a small flag on the mountain of life.
  Perseverance, people-oriented, integrated collaboration, and goal-driven have achieved them separately. You can check which one is more suitable for you. There are footprints in front of you.