Anyway, don't be discouraged
  When I went to interview this person, it was a rainy day. From this small western town to a remote mountain area underneath it, all the way up is visible green, all things come back to life again, the rain is also a period of time, there is a period of road knocking the window glass crackling, passing a period Lili again, little can not hear the sound.
  I was sitting in the car, imagining this person, looking forward and afraid to hear her story. Sometimes being strong is not a good word, it means too much suffering must be held up. Life is a box full of colorful chocolates. How can anyone open it and get the bitter pure dark chocolate. Although it helps to wake up, it cannot be remembered, except bitter or bitter.
  Two hours into the ditch, we finally met her. The teacher standing in front of me was wearing a purple gold velvet sports jacket, black pants, and black sandals with sky blue socks. Short hair, dim, big eyes, and a faint smile on his face. He was very quiet when greeting people, but only a little louder when he introduced her husband.
  The man's long and thin face had drooping corners of his eyes, and the two decree lines on both ends of his nose were particularly clear and deep. He looked much older than her. At least, by comparison, there were almost no wrinkles on her face.
  They sat side by side on the sofa in the principal's room, and she told her story.
  "We are a restructured family. My husband is thirteen years older than me. We raised five children together. The youngest son also got married last year. Although not materially rich, I feel very happy." When she spoke From time to time, turn around and look at her husband.
  Have to delve into what they went through before the reorganization? Will a reorganized family really be happy? Seeing the usual reorganizations, most of the time I usually go with each other, but when there is something, I go back to each family, find each mom, and each baby.
  Recalling the past, the female teacher burst into tears, and she said intermittently, pouring out the past that she had swallowed. Before 2001, her life was considered smooth, not to say how rich she was, but her family was safe and healthy, she taught herself, her husband planted a few acres of orchards, and his life was fair. However, an accident ruined the peaceful life.
  That year, her husband took a truck to sell apples in Guangzhou, where they could sell for a good price. But after going there, an accident happened and he never returned. At that time, her eldest daughter was in high school, her second daughter was in junior high school, and her youngest son was still in elementary school. The sick mother-in-law learned of bad news and committed a cerebral infarction.
  Destiny had this joke with her, and she almost beat the woman. At that time, she washed her face with tears all night and all night, but usually pretended to be all right, comforting the children, taking care of the elderly, teaching and farming, and shouldering the burden of life alone.
  She didn't know how she survived those years, maybe she was numb every day. During this period, someone always advised her to find someone to live with. With her own salary and the meager income in the orchard (she was too busy in class and had little time to look after the orchard), how could she support such a big family? She was afraid that the man he was looking for would be bad for her children, and afraid that they might miss their studies . For many ordinary people, going to school is the last life-saving straw. If they catch it, at least they don't have to plan on the ground.
  After three years like this, the oldest daughter went to college, the youngest daughter went to high school, and the son went to junior high school. She was introduced to him.
  At first she was reluctant to meet, but I heard that he was in the same situation, died of illness, and the child was working outside the home. He was only at home with his 80-year-old mother. In addition, this person is also a teacher, she guessed, the teacher should not be so bad. Although it was ridiculous to speculate on her character by profession, could she find a better reason then?
  "It's too bitter. I don't think I can hold it alone." Her tears fell like a broken bead.
  In this way, under the enthusiastic cooperation of relatives and friends, the two who had sympathy for each other came together on September 18, 2005. She was worried that the child would not be able to accept this strange man as a daddy for a while, so she talked to the younger son the night before and explained the matter again.
  What moved the husband was that he went to her dormitory for the first time that afternoon. When the younger son pushed in the door and saw him, he called him "Dad", his voice was loud, and his smile was bright.
  "The child called dad, and I burst into tears. I really wanted to go up and hug him." His husband's eyes were also red. Sitting opposite him, I almost cried, knowing the hardships of his mother for this young age.
  They visited their parents, and went to Xi'an to meet the children of both parties. They had a simple table meal and the two families became one.
  The soft sound of a wall clock ticked in a lonely space. In the fourteen years of hardships and hardships, the two men talked about each other in detail, and their tenderness extended.
  Her mother-in-law was unable to walk at the later stage of the cerebral infarction, so he sought medical treatment everywhere, rushed to buy medicine, and took the elderly to town and county for physiotherapy.
  Here, his 87-year-old mother was critically ill. She hurried home after class every day and changed the law to cook for the elderly. The old man was thinking about eating apricots, so she hurried out and bought two apricots for 10 yuan. It was a luxury for her.
  His eldest son has a child. She prepared diapers, mattresses, and small clothes a month in advance, and packed a large plastic bag and sent it to Xi'an. In order to wait for her daughter-in-law to confine, she also took a month off. She took care of her and did n’t like to go online. She checked the Internet every day for new dishes. She was afraid that her daughter-in-law would not be able to keep up with her nutrition. That month, they were not biological, but they were more harmonious and harmonious than the biological mother and child.
  And her second daughter had eczema and skin ulcers when she was in high school. He felt distressed. He heard that the dermatology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University was treated well. He took his child to go back and forth dozens of times. It is not cured until the wheat is harvested.
  It's all these little things that bring two people together.
  Last year, her younger son choked several times at the wedding: "Thank you Dad, when our four mothers and our children were the most difficult, we walked into our home and gave us a lot of love. Mom and Dad, rest assured, the son has grown up , Will definitely honor you. "
  When they said that, they burst into tears.
  We heard infinite booing. What to say? Love ? Still family? It might as well be sincere. I used to think that this thing was too vain, but if there is no sincerity, nothing will happen so beautifully. She said that most of the unhappiness of reorganizing the family was because the calculations were too clear, but they didn't. Both mine and yours were ours.
  Later, she quietly told me that he was ill again in 2013. It was checked out during the physical examination. Fortunately, he found it early and had surgery. Now he has recovered. She said that at that time, she felt like she was trapped in an ice cave. Fortunately, her children had so many hands to hold her together, and contacted the doctor to see him for a doctor. It's dangerous. She breathed a sigh of relief. The tests in life are everywhere, but she can't be discouraged.
  The rain in early summer cleared up a while later, and the sky looked like a blue canvas. They followed each other out of the principal's room, and she looked up and smiled again: "Isn't life like a rainbow after the storm, and the reorganized family is just as happy."