Those embarrassed and confused young people in their 20s
  Recently, I watched a live broadcast of Lu Yu ’s speech at Fushida University on Weibo.
  At the beginning of the speech, Lu Yu mentioned that when she interviewed Huang Xiaoming last year, she attended the premiere of Tsinghua University's "No Question about the West East" movie with her . A word in the movie left a deep impression on her:
  "If you know in advance the life you are going to face, will you still have the courage to come?"
  In Lu Yu's view, although the young people in the film have different backgrounds, they have similar experiences, and they have all faced the cruelest test at their best age.
  In his twenties, he is both gorgeous and embarrassed.
  Yuzu's senior year this year, she has experienced many feelings in the past six months:
  The graduation thesis finally passed very hard. She seemed to be tossed away. When she was looking for a job interview, she was repeatedly rejected because she had no work experience, and her salary was very low. I was very envious when I saw my roommate preparing to go abroad, but She knew that there was no conditional support at home; she wanted to avoid graduate studies to escape into a cruel society, but her senior year was just too late to prepare; her boyfriend was going home to accept the work arranged by her family, and the two of them will have a long distance relationship ...
  During insomnia at night, Yuzu can't help but doubt:
  Are young people of this age living so awkwardly?
  How embarrassing can I be in my twenties?
  There is a word on the Internet that describes it very appropriately: the sword is not worn properly, and it is already out of reach.
  Time has suddenly become rapid, and if you are not ready, you will be pushed into an unfamiliar society. Occasionally, you will be a great adult, but you often feel that you are mediocre, and you want to continue to be treated as a child. A variety of choices and problems abound, dreams and reality are intertwined, love and work are confused ...
  Facing the unknown future, my heart raised expectation, but mixed with fear.
  Lu Yu also had such embarrassment and confusion when he was 26 years old.
  At that time, she was hosting "Music Without Limits" in Hong Kong. One day the boss suddenly asked her if she would like to do an early morning news program. Lu Yu instinctively wanted to refuse, but hesitated again. During that time, she had been thinking about transformation and felt that the news was more attractive to her, which might be an opportunity for her.
  After tangling for a few days, she decided to pick up the show.
  On the evening of March 31, 1998, the boss brought colleagues to dinner, everyone was busy roasting meat and pouring wine, but Lu Yu had no appetite, because at 7:30 the next morning, her new show "Phoenix Morning Shuttle" It's time to meet the audience.
  Despite her rich hosting experience, she was still nervous and trembling, repeatedly guessing the best and worst results: a good show is a major breakthrough in her career; if not, her hosting career may be over!
  Hesitation, hesitation, and fear made her at the table feel like a pin-up every second. Finally, she couldn't help but stand up: "Guys, I'll take a step first. I have to get up at 4 tomorrow morning!"
  In the face of unknown uncertainty, Lu Yu resolutely chose to be prepared, act in horror, and rush forward. As a result, she pioneered the "story of the news" and became one of Phoenix TV's most distinctive hosts.
  It is often said that "all roads are Rome", but in the twenties, it was really realized that "the roads leading to Rome are all forks and obstacles." Each decision moment is like standing on the cusp of the wind, and may be overturned by a wave at any time.
  Fortunately, the experience of countless people proves that everyone has similar experiences and the same feelings.
  Faced with the embarrassment and confusion in their twenties, everyone is equal.
  What to do when I'm embarrassed and confused in my twenties?
  The future is far more sinister than imagined, and we must be prepared to use action to choose to write the ending for ourselves: to be knocked over by the waves, or to move forward.
  Learn to say goodbye: farewell is the only way of life
  The sign of a person's growth is to accept every farewell in life .
  Everyone chooses to bid farewell differently. There is a classmate named Zhu Xian from Fushida who rides to school to report. From Yunnan to Guizhou, to Guangxi, Guangdong, and Fujian, he spent 23 days across five provinces, covering a total of 2712 kilometers. It's cool to say goodbye to your hometown and youth in this way.
  In his twenties, he will welcome a series of farewell to life:
  Say goodbye to the comfortable campus life and step into a more serious workplace ;
  Say goodbye to the spacious and lively student dormitory, and move into the rented 10 square meter room in the big city;
  Say goodbye to socializing singing K all night, calling friends and gatherings, and get used to the desire to lay a dead body at home after exhausted workdays ...
  Youth life is an adventure. Although everyone goes through different processes, the essence is similar:
  We all need to complete a growth with an unforgettable farewell. Say goodbye to the past and embrace the future of you.
  Grab your desires and stick to your choices.
  Be prepared to persist, even if it persists in the eyes of others as "somewhat dumb" or "very different."
  When the IG team just won the LPL championship last year, Lu Yu interviewed them. Many people now bring e-sports with a sense of pride and honor, but in the past, e-sports was a “playing thing” among the general population, and e-sports youngsters were once referred to as “doing no good job” as “Internet addicts”.
  Despite the weird visions of the outside world, family blockages, and performance pressure, they insist on hard training every day, endure the boringness of playing the same game all year round, grow faster than others, and keep moving forward, otherwise they will Was replaced.
  Such a tedious and stressful day, they insisted.
  Many people can persist, not only to find their inner desires, but also to be down-to-earth, do their work conscientiously, and find their own sense of value.
  It is likely that this desire and persistence did not quickly make us the ideal selves.
  But at least, it won't make us the kind of people we don't like and don't want to be.
  Prepare for hardship, no one will become famous overnight
  Hard work may not yield anything, but without hard work, you will gain nothing.
  Last year, when Lu Yu interviewed Zhou Runfa in Hong Kong, he talked about a movie "Tiger Makes More" that year. There is a shot in the movie: Zhou Runfa went to the breakfast shop to pick up a cup, beat the raw eggs in it, and then drank it.
  Just for this shot, he drank 12 raw eggs in one breath. No editing, no post-production, drinking all the time. To others, he was desperately admirable, but for Chow Yun Fat, it was just the professionalism of an actor.
  Similarly, there is also Wang Baoqiang drinking a small half bucket of milk, and Wang Chuanjun eating 44 buns ...
  In the era of social networking, it is often heard that some people are popular, as if everyone has the opportunity to quickly become famous. But let's be honest, don't be too superstitious about the so-called "famous overnight". If there is, it is a long night. Because you don't know what efforts they have done before they became famous and what they have done.
  But what we call suffering is not self-imposed, not self-abuse, not display, it is a struggle for what we crave.
  Fight against unconfidence and settle with yourself.
  Among the peers in their twenties, some people took advantage of the offer, some people made 20,000 a month before they graduated, some people started the company on the public account ... and they seemed to be abandoned by their peers.
  Pu Shu was ashamed of hard work in middle school and played from junior high school to high school. The college entrance examination was afraid of losing the face of his parents, a professor at Peking University. He always thought that he could have his place without doing his best.
  Until he signed a contract with Taihe Wheatfield, he first met Gao Xiaosong.
  Gao Xiaosong stunned him as soon as he spoke. He realized that there are still so many talented people in the world, people who have read so many books, and many very powerful people. Hit hard.
  This kind of unconfident company has been with Pu Shu for many years. In music, he always pushes himself to the limit, worrying about "hi-his" and fearing that "Jianglang is exhausted." It wasn't until later that he finally recognized himself, acknowledged his talents, and accepted all the works he created, before reconciling himself.
  Like the kind of worry, anxiety, unconfidence, and denial of self that Pu Shu has experienced, each of us will experience going back and forth between the poles of joy and disappointment. The ultimate rescue method is to recognize the nature of life and complete it as soon as possible Crash and reconcile with yourself.
  But reconciliation does not mean compromise, but continues to move forward on the basis of knowing yourself.
  Maybe we will lag behind our peers temporarily, but life is a long-distance race. As long as we run, there is hope.
  Whether you are a post-70s, post-80s, post-90s or post-00s generation, each of our generations will bear the pressures and challenges of the times, which may be the common destiny of everyone.
  Going through college entrance examinations, entering colleges, going through graduations, going into the society ... We just crossed the bumps and challenges of our twenties and walked out of the unknown fear and confusion. Then, I look back and watch the generations come in and out of the same predicament as we do.
  We used the same posture to fly alone to a strange destiny, to fight against all unknowns, and to walk forward in the storm.
  But life is energy conserved. When we pay the corresponding price, we also accept the gift of life. There is no such thing as prejudice. As long as you are really talented, hard enough, hard enough, persistent, brave enough.
  If you are in your twenties, it will not be too bad even if you are not as beautiful as you think.
  In the end, I would like to give you a very inspirational sentence that Lu Yu once said, hoping to give you some courage to move forward:
  "Every generation feels that they are not born at the right time. Each generation is said to be a broken generation, but in fact each generation has created their own moments of magnificence."