You have to live through those unknown pains
  My mother-in-law had a cerebral infarction while having lunch with us.
  Then came the rescue process in a hurry, hit 120, was sent to the emergency department, was notified of the danger, and spent the year at the operating room door, but waited for the news that the operation failed.
  The doctor told us that the thrombus could not be taken and could only be sent to the ICU for observation. In the next 7 to 10 days, he will face a high risk of cerebral hernia. It is still unknown whether he can survive, and even if he passes this level, his mother-in-law will be paralyzed and become a semi-vegetative.
  Seriously, if it weren't for my own experience, I don't think I would ever be able to experience this feeling: the family was sitting and eating together and chatting happily in the last second, but the next second, you can only see what A beloved relative was pronounced seriously ill and life and death are unknown.
  In the evening, my husband asked me to go home and rest, but I insisted on staying at the entrance of the ICU and refused to leave. I had to persuade him to take care of myself, I was really tired, so I rested on a chair for a while.
  This man, who had experienced the death of his father's cancer ten years ago, has been busy dealing with various problems since the onset of his mother, contacting doctors, raising money for surgery, and notifying relatives and friends about the situation. The only time she cried was when the doctor told her mother-in-law that the operation had failed, she turned silently and hid in the corner to secretly cry.
  I know that he is actually more sad than anyone else. He just has to calm himself down, so as not to be overwhelmed by this sudden disaster, and to be able to bear the burden of the next family.
  During the few days I was with Mr. ICU, I met many people like Mr .. They silently waited outside the room of their loved ones, looking calm, without sighing or complaining. If it weren't for sitting here, no one would know what kind of sadness they were bearing inside .
  I remember a saying: We can't all see the snow that fell on everyone's life.
  The adult world, as much as it does, is as much suffering and tiredness as it is covered up. Because when you look around, you are all in need of yourself, so you have to live strong , you have to eat unknown pain, you have to endure the unknown pain, and you have to endure the unknown loneliness.
  Hard work is the norm in life, but because of love and responsibility, we have all become the bravest adults.
  Not long ago, I saw a tearful news on Weibo.
  The young Zhang is working with his wife to make a living from outside to Nanjing. As a salesperson, his income must fight for performance, and he had to go out and accompany the customer to entertain, but the result was overwhelming, and he was drunk next to the subway platform.
  When the police came forward to ask, he was exhausted, and he expressed his voice through the spirit of wine: "I really do not drink, but if I want to sign the order, I must accompany the customer seriously. In fact, even if it is like this, this business It's not always possible, and I'm very helpless. There really is nothing I can do. "
  He said that in order to give his wife a warm home, he has been working hard and willingly swallowed all kinds of hardships and sufferings.
  In fact, in the past few years of sales, such a moment has already experienced countless times for him. If it weren't for the drunk, he would still choose to swallow the grievances tonight alone without alarming anyone.
  It is gratifying that Xiao Zhang's wife came quickly after receiving the notice from the police. Seeing her filthy husband, she didn't blame it, but opened her hands and embraced him with great distress. The wife told the police that she understood the difficulty of her husband and hoped that he would be able to support him.
  The couple were still apologizing to the people around them until Huo Fu left, saying that I'm sorry, it bothered everyone.
  This scene in the video moved me for a long time.
  All beings, everyone is carrying a heavy load, and under those seemingly calm and strong appearances, there must have been unknown difficult stories.
  But it is precisely because of this that we can hold up the sky for the people we love, and walk from muddy to quiet years.
  Like Xiao Zhang, although every bitterness he has eaten has never been said, he has always been remembered by his lover. And this firm support and companionship is actually the best reward for his hard work.
  Only those who have the courage to take responsibility are eligible for happiness.
  Some people say that time is like rain. We are all walking in the rain. We must bear the blessings of the world and fight the storm.
  I think so. There are trials in life, and the way forward is always inevitable to spend some difficult times alone. But even so, I believe there are countless people who will choose to grit their teeth and stand up again after they fall, and continue to move forward.
  This is not to pretend to be stubborn, nor is anyone born indomitable, just because our hearts are filled with love.
  For this reason, no matter how long the road is, we are also willing to go, no matter how much suffering, we can swallow it with ease.
  We grow because of love, and we are brave because of love. And all these experiences of growing up in difficulties will eventually make us stronger and stronger.
  I like this lyrics very much: if I didn't think about returning to you, I would have surrendered to fate.
  In this world, there will always be one person who deserves our best efforts to guard. Similarly, there will always be a love that will accompany us through the cold winter of life firmly in all loneliness .
  So if you have misfortunes, remember to keep going. Think about the person you love, and then tell yourself that you can't stop still, your happiness is infinite.
  Every bitter taste will return to sweetness.
  May you endure all the unknown pain, and for the rest of your life, all happiness.