No job is unfair
  Recently, many of my friends resigned.
  Ask them why, and most people's answer is: That job is too aggrieved-
  My work is very hard, I have to work overtime every day, and my salary is very low. In my last job, my boss was very strange. Two days were hot, and it was particularly harsh for everyone. My job was too boring and I was repeating it every day. Mechanical things, I don't see where my future lies ...
  Many people feel that their work is particularly wronged, and they want to resign. However, each of us may have different work content, different levels of hard work, and different pressures and difficulties. But each person has his or her own work.
  I am often told that I am looking for a job I like. Therefore, when the job does not meet their expectations, the first reaction of many people is that I want to change jobs. But will the situation really change for another job? Are you upset?
  Not necessarily.
  My friend Dah Sing originally sold in a company, but he didn't like it very much. He was particularly envious of the work of the TV station, so he went to his favorite TV station after hard work.
  But after I went there, I found that I had to rack my brains to plan the content of the show. I often went out for interviews in the hot sun or heavy rain, and stayed up late to participate in post-production.
  After half a year, the job that once glowed in his eyes gradually faded.
  I have seen a sentence like this : Your cognition needs a process, so I think that choosing jobs by likes or dislikes is dangerous for 90% of people. Because I'm afraid, what you think you like, after you do it, you will find that you don't like it that much.
  Therefore, when treating a job, you can't judge it simply by likes or dislikes. It should be more multi-dimensional to consider whether this job can bring you a satisfactory salary, whether you can grow in this job, whether this job has a good prospect, and so on.
  There is such a sentence: the real meaning of work is your capital to settle down, your platform to realize your self-worth, to make you rich to eat and raise your baby, to honor your parents, and to make you wake up in the middle of the night without fear.
  This is indeed the case. No job is liked or disliked, only capable and incapable.
  There are often grievances in the workplace . To survive the hardships of work, you need two abilities. In addition to knowing how to persist , the other is to learn to adjust your mindset.
  Have seen a story. A person took a taxi home on a cold winter night. As soon as he got on the car, he found that the car was different from other taxis. It was very warm, with sachets and decorations inside.
  As soon as he sat down, the driver asked if he was cold or cold, and there was a hand warmer in the car. As soon as the car was started, the driver was worried that he was hungry, so he took out snacks and asked him if he wanted to eat, and took out the magazine to give him time, treating him as a friend who came to the house.
  He was surprised and asked the driver why he did this. The driver said, "In fact, I used to be a complainer, until one day I heard a radio show saying, 'If you want to change your life, you should change yourself first. If you think the world is too dark, then Everything that happens will make you unhappy. 'So I changed my mindset, stopped complaining, learned to do every detail, and treated every guest kindly.
  In the past, my business was very ordinary, and I was often complained. Since then, my business has become more and more popular, and many people will come to book my car when they are away. My world becomes brighter, as if everyone around me is my noble. "
  When you look at the "state" of your mindset, it means that your mindset is bigger. In life and work, you will definitely encounter a lot of grievances and unwillingness. If you have to care about everything, it is really tiring and it is easy to hinder you from moving forward.
  As long as you have a bigger heart and put all your thoughts on improving yourself, you will find that compared to the grievances you get at work, the happiness you gain is actually your most precious wealth.
  Everyone has their own life and mission in the world, and they have to bear the hardships and hardships that belong to you. No one is easier or easier than anyone else.
  When you want to give up on the job, or find it hard when you tell yourself: a job is not easy, life there is always some way to the finish of your own.
  Rather than complaining about the hard work, it is better to adjust your mentality. As you gradually learn to persevere and strengthen yourself, you will eventually be able to cross the dark night, walk through bumpy roads, cross the rapid river, and reap the life you want.