No one will tell you that your child has no knowledge.
  At the time of the newspaper, I took a college journalist group.
  I went to the Welfare Institute for an interview, and a girl named CC made me look at it.
  Other students basically focus on the low-school problem of "Do children eat well? Can they sleep well?"
  Only CC asked Dean: Does the teacher here need a background in psychology? Then I discussed it with the Dean for a long time.
  Later, she told me that she had a friend who grew up in a welfare institution and had never been relieved of her own life. Therefore, she thought that teachers in welfare homes should understand some psychology, or they can recruit some psychologist volunteers to avoid The child has a psychological problem.
  I thought that this child was a little different.
  And CC feels very good when it comes to people, very humble, but not humble, no matter who the interview is, it is not humble.
  So I like to call her to interview.
  The other one I often take out is a boy named Xiao H. He is a relative of my colleague, and my colleagues have repeatedly asked me to bring more belts.
  Xiao H is quite happy under the private, but when he arrives at a formal occasion, he rarely speaks. No matter how many people interview, he always silently follows the end. I sometimes ask him questions, and he even says that he can't do it.
  There is always a flaw in him. Very different from CC.
  I thought it was a character problem at first. It’s not a matter of contact, it’s not that the difference between the two is in insight.
  They all grew up in small cities, and their homes are actually similar. But the little H parents are particularly conservative, and life is in accordance with the rules. The family does not have much time to eat outside. CC's concept of parents is very advanced, they will use every opportunity to bring CC to various places, and enter and exit various occasions.
  CC has been to the welfare home with her parents since childhood, and has friends who have grown up in welfare homes. So she generally knows what is going on there, and naturally can talk to the dean.
  Xiao H did not understand the welfare homes at first, but how can they raise a level of problems?
  and also. Going to the hotel for an interview, Xiao H’s point of view is that the big sofa in the hall is really luxurious, and CC will pay attention to who works on the wall.
  Going to eat Japanese food together, CC took off the shoes at the door and put it in, and Xiao H will make a fuss for a long time. "Ah? Take off your shoes." "Don't take off your shoes." "I won’t come to this broken place in the future. And still have a lot of things..."
  The Chung Yeung Festival goes to the nursing home to express condolences. CC will actively and enthusiastically embrace every old man, completely ignoring the oil on the rice and clothes on their lips. Because she often volunteered with her mother to a nursing home when she was in junior high school.
  But Xiao H, even the door of the old man’s room is not willing to enter, has been swearing, “What is the taste here...”
  Honestly, if Xiao H is not a relative of a colleague, I may have given up on him long ago.
  Later, I had a meal with my parents, and they asked me about my child's performance.
  I said: smart, enthusiastic, writing style...that is, there is too little experience and more exercise is needed. In fact, the correct expression of the following sentence should be: see the world is too small.
  This summer, our family traveled to Tokyo, met a couple of American Chinese couples, and took their son.
  The two little boys talked very well, so we decided to eat together. After the meal, my son smiled and imitated the pronunciation of the waiter.
  The Japanese speak English, you know, "OK" will be said "Olympic." The son learned happily.
  But the boy was not surprised at all, smiling and said: the pronunciation of people in each country is different. Then I said that at least seven or eight countries are saying how OK.
  He learned vividly and was very fun. The adults were laughing. My son also laughed and said: How do you know so much brother?
  The boy said particularly peacefully: I have been to a bit more, because I am a little bigger than you.
  I looked at him, and I really felt that the children with knowledge were different: open, emboldened, generous, and not unassuming.
  I have always been self-proclaimed to pay attention to let the children see the world's mother, but there is no harm without comparison, in contrast, my son is rare and ignorant.
  Maybe the pair of beautiful couples in the United States also have a sentence saying, "Your child has no knowledge."
  And if I don't see the "others' children" by chance, I am sure that I still feel that my son is very knowledgeable.
  It is estimated that most parents are like this.
  Because I have limitations, I am not aware of the limitations of my child. Because my eye is not enough, I don’t know that my child’s vision is narrow.
  So in the end, your ignorance, the child pays.
  There is a paradox.
  The less ignorant the parents, the less likely they feel that their children are not knowledgeable. No one will tell you that your child has no knowledge.
  Then the problem comes: I don’t realize it, others don’t tell you, how can the problem improve? Eight achievements can only be understood when the child has troubles and gets lessons.
  I am afraid that at that time, it will be too late.
  He may insist on applying for the city where Aidou is located in order to chase the stars, regardless of the profession.
  Maybe because there is no way to talk to high-end customers, and lose a good opportunity.
  May be maliciously deceived because they don't understand human sin.
  It may be particularly poorly accepted because you don't understand the complexity of the world.
  Knowledge determines a person's vision, and vision can determine a person's life.
  A knowledgeable child is familiar with the world, so he has a calm and calm mind during walking, has ample sense of security, and has accurate judgment. He can understand the complexity of the world and can accommodate others differently from himself. .
  Children who have not seen it will be embarrassed and will be overwhelmed.
  Their opinions are different, they give people different impressions, the results of doing things are different, and the grasp of the future is more different, which will directly lead to their life being very different.
  It must be said that the child has not seen the world, and it is largely determined by the parents.
  When he has no autonomy, where do you take him, wherever he goes, what do you mean to him, what he sees.
  Of course, not many parents have the ability to travel with their children.
  We also don't need to do this.
  If you want your child to see the world, we can take him to a distant place to let him know the people in the distance and the life in the distance. I can take him to the museum and concert hall to let him know Van Gogh's sunflower and Beethoven's ninth symphony. You can take him to the construction site and experience the difficulty of the workers. I can take him to see the life of people from all walks of life, let him see that everyone is working hard for life...
  Children should be allowed to read comics and read famous books.
  Go to the auto show to see the luxury car, and also go to the countryside to sit on the tricycle.
  I went to live in a high-end hotel and went camping in a tent outside the country.
  Go to make friends of all kinds, and also go to the dinner of adults...
  In short, do your best to let your child know well, but also know that it is not good; see the distance, but also go deep into the side; try to familiarize with the complexity of the world, and try to master the way to deal with it.
  The so-called insight is to understand the world. Its appearance, its color, its habit, its rules...
  In this way, he will know how to get along with the world, and then he will not be black after a while, and step by step, silently following behind others, feeling that the world is so terrible.
  A child who is knowledgeable will not be surprised if he sees anything. He is dangerous and has a lot of ghosts.
  They will stand in the sun in peace and do things well, and have a good grasp of the future. Even in the case of unexpected accidents, the acceptance is particularly high.
  There is no doubt that a knowledgeable child will live a higher level.