Mom wrote to her son: These 10 sentences, we don’t tell you, no one will tell you
  Parents are the first mentor on the road to life. Recently, I saw a letter written by a mother to a child who is in a rebellious period. The words are the golden words of the mother on the issue of life. Let's take a look!
  Write this letter to you for three reasons:
  First, you are standing on the node of life: Looking back, it is a childhood time that slips away quietly; forward, the curtain of youth slowly opens to you.
  Second, some words, we don't tell you, no one will tell you.
  Third, agree with each other: We work hard, you study hard, and no one cares.
  Regardless of size, there must be a goal
  People can have no great ideals, but they cannot lose their goals. We all know that learning is hard, but children, you should also understand that classes, homework, and exams are experiences that every child has.
  After many years, I hope that you are grateful to yourself for doing what you can do now, rather than arbitrarily remorse.
  Polish your character with your heart
  At home, the only child is a small emperor, but at school, there are too many "emperors", no one is obligated to take care of your personal emotions.
  Even if you have excellent grades, outstanding talents, outstanding performance, and people who really like to make friends with you, it is still your enthusiasm, kindness and so on.
  The body is the cost of learning
  In school, learning is the main thing, but it is not the only one. If you study well, your body quality is poor.
  Some people say that life is always better than the past, 10 years old than grades, 20 years old than education, 30 years old than ability, 40 years old than experience, 50 years old than financial resources, 60 years old than physical strength, 70 years old than medical records...
  But in fact, in the end, it is still better than the body! So, son, exercise well!
  Persevere , persist, and persist
  The future of a person is determined by knowledge, ability, and attitude. Knowledge can be gained through learning, and ability can grow in practice, while attitudes are developed by habits. You are in a good habit of training, sometimes lacking a spirit of perseverance.
  Now, the correct attitude is still too late. In the future, I hope that everything you have done is both profitable and beneficial.
  Neither arrogant nor inferior
  No one is obligated to be good to you in your life, except me and your dad. Don't think that the world is missing yourself, the earth can't turn, don't think that individuals are small, just give up and abandon.
  A friend is someone who can cry with you.
  If you can find like-minded friends, encourage each other, help each other, and move forward together, then you must be lucky. Let's find friends who are stronger than you and who are better than you, so that you can inspire you to forge ahead.
  Of course, we must also remember that friends should be honest and honest, and when they are in trouble, they should do their best to help. People who have laughed with themselves are easy to forget, and those who cried with themselves are the most memorable. This is more meaningful in the snow than in the icing on the cake.
  Love those things, just fine
  One day, one day, you are going to fall in love. I am advising people to come over: It’s always good to walk in front of the moon, sweet words are more charming, but don’t forget the wind, rain and snow in reality.
  Don't overdo the beauty of love, don't over-exaggerate the sadness of losing love. Just like this kind of psychology, just fine.
  Parents’ thoughts
  Parents, everyone is eager to have a shorter distance with their children, but as the children grow up, the sky that belongs to you will certainly become more and more broad, and the distance and time distance from the parents will certainly be farther and farther. Parents, of course, care about how much they can occupy the sky position of their children!
  Because the sky of the parents is the opposite of the sky of the children - it gets smaller and smaller as the day goes by. I am a mortal person who also has a public sentiment, and also cares if you are always around. Son, the heart of the parents, do you understand?
  Never take care of gains and losses
  A person, can't always be proud, can't be frustrated forever. When you are proud, you have to be awake. There are too many people in the world who are better than yourself. Remember your own smallness. When you are frustrated, don't back down, stick to it: the past is How to come over, how to go now.
  Home, is your warmest harbor
  Loved ones are fate. In this life, even if you can't accompany you all the way, when you are in the storm, you will always think about sheltering you from the wind and rain! Even if you can't fight alongside you all the way, when you are in trouble, you will always think about sharing the pain with you!
  In this life, no matter how long we will get along with you, please cherish the time of the cohesion.