Good children are all in control, bears and children are used to
  On weekends, my daughter and I went to the bookstore near the house to read books.
  This bookstore is of a public nature, and there are some volunteers who maintain order there.
  There is a box at the entrance of the book house, which is filled with shoe covers. The number of shoe covers is based on the maximum capacity of the book house. From Monday to Friday, there are fewer people going there. On weekends, many parents will take their children to read books.
  This time we went late, and there were two shoe covers left in the box at the door. I was very surprised, and my daughter whispered: We are so lucky, we will wait a little later.
  I was about to go in, and I came back with a mother and son. My son is about ten years old, and my mother is dressed up in jewels.
  When the child saw that there was no shoe cover in the box, he asked: Mom, what if there is no shoe cover? The woman said loudly: No, there is no, this is not the palace, enter!
  A volunteer next to him said with a smile: Ms., no shoe covers can't enter, you can wait a little while, and someone should come out soon.
  The woman whitened the volunteer girl and took her son in.
  The volunteers of that day were two girls who looked like college students. It was estimated that this was the first time they encountered this situation.
  My daughter and I took a book we liked on the bookshelf and sat down to see. There are no chairs in the book room, and some sponge cushions are for everyone to sit on. The people reading the books sit on the mats.
  The boy jumped up and down, flipped over and overturned it, as if he didn't find a book that he liked. His mother also helped to turn it over and complained: How are the books read by adults? Point your child's book, really!
  The book house, which was originally very quiet, was stunned by the girl, and everyone looked up at their mother and child.
  The volunteer girl came over and reminded: You can't speak loudly here. Please make a small noise and don't affect others.
  The woman snorted without speaking, took two books and sat down with her child.
  After a while, I suddenly smelled a smell of urinary sensation in the room. Looking up, the little boy looked smirk and groaned in his mother’s ear and said: Mom, let her take care of them, I wet her mat. . His mother smiled smugly.
  People around reading books are all angry, some people say: This kind of bear child, adults do not care! Everyone, you say a word, and they agree.
  When the woman saw the anger, she took the child and said: Son, let's go home.
  Just about to lift his legs, the mother and son were stopped by a man of about 30 years old. He said forcefully: You wait, I am the person in charge of this bookstore. All of you here are those who love to read books. I am very welcome. But I hope that you and your child are coming last time, because you are not welcome here!
  The woman's mouth is still hard, but the tone is soft and soft: a few broken books, no children to see, you will come to me if you come, I will not come again. After taking the child, I quickly walked away.
  On the way home, my daughter asked me: Mom, the little boy is so naughty, how can his mother not care?
  I said that she only knows how to use it. I don't know how to manage it. You see that the little boy today is refused to come back by the bookstore. If the mother continues to condone the child, the world will close more and more doors to the little boy.
  The daughter seems to understand and nod.
  Good children are all in control, bears and children are used to
  I have a distant cousin who gave birth to a son when he was 38 years old. He was a middle-aged son and he was so fond of the sky.
  Once, I went to the wedding of my relatives, and the cousin went with her eight-year-old son. We were on a table when we were eating.
  The child completely ignored the others and kept turning the table. Everyone was dissatisfied, but no one said it.
  After a while, the cousin's son drank a box of yoghurt, slammed the empty box into a dish, and the juice splashed on several people. A boy who looked a little older than him looked angry and held a small fist to beat him. The cousin quickly said: The younger brother is smaller than you, you have to let him, can not bully him. The little boy took a look at his cousin's son and ate his head.
  The cousin's son ate fast, almost full, and he stood on the chair and spit in the dish on the table. Everyone can't eat it now, put down the chopsticks and watch their mother and child.
  The cousin smirked and took his son down and said: When the boy was a child, he was naughty and he was just fine.
  Someone next to him said: "Why don't you care about your son? He is not too small. This is not mischievous. It is simply evil!"
  I didn’t mean to sit down again. Everyone got up and went home. An occasion that was very festive, was disturbed by a bear child.
  The cousin is coming by taxi. Q: Who is the way, what about our mother? There is no one to talk about.
  The little boy who was clenching his little fist and his mother were walking away. He turned to the cousin’s son and said: You are too uncultivated. Remember, my brother will not marry next year, I hate you!
  The words were really deflated, and the little boy said the voice of everyone.
  Perhaps, now is the reason why every child is small. Many adults feel that they have suffered a lot when they were young. Now that the conditions are good, their children should be good and baby, and they should not let him eat a bit of bitterness. Ever since, from love to love, spoiled and indulgent, it has produced many bear children.
  Good children are all in control, bears and children are used to
  A few days ago, I saw a message in a circle of friends. A Chinese parent took a child to travel to the United States. Because the bear child was mischievous, his father and a young man were shot on the plane.
  This kind of behavior is too dangerous, and it can even lead to machine damage.
  As a result, the bear child family just took the plane and was taken away by the airport law enforcement officers waiting there. The final result was that the Customs refused to enter the country on the grounds of intentional injury and arranged for the aircraft to be sent back to China the next morning.
  The bear family of three had originally traveled to the country, but they were refused to come back.
  Some netizens said that the children taught by such parents will one day taste the cold taste of the world dedicated to him.
  No, you see, the bear child has not yet grown up, and has already tasted all kinds of rejected suffering. Society is not your mother, no one will be used to you.
  A professor said in his speech: Children are not adults, they must be disciplined and must be disciplined. Simply giving in the name of love is the biggest irresponsibility to him. Today, the child can't fight, can't wait, even one can't do it. He can kill someone tomorrow.
  Yes, it is necessary to take care of children early.
  Don't be small and don't do it. Don't be evil.
  You condone your child's evils today, and after a long period of time, you will slowly accumulate into the evil of tomorrow, and then you can't manage it.
  Good children are all out of control, and bear children are used to it.
  Your spoiled habit is not to love him, but to harm him.
  You can't bear to yell at him, hit him, look at him, it doesn't matter, the world will be there for you sooner or later, slap and slap back.