The cognitive depth of parental thinking determines the future height of the child
  This year's college entrance examination champion was released one after another, the Beijing champion said something, was swept by the network. In an interview, he said that he was born in a middle-class family in Beijing and that the educational resources he obtained were not available to many foreign or rural children.
  My parents are diplomats. I have created a good family atmosphere since I was a child. They all include my study habits and personality cultivation. They are subtle, because the basis of each step of my life is relatively solid. So in the end, it will naturally come to fruition. The current champion is both good and powerful at home. ?
  The words of the champion are thought-provoking. In addition to the superiority of family conditions, the influence of parents on their children in life is crucial in the development of a child's growth.
  The famous saying of a child psychologist in Germany is: Education is an example. Educating children does not need parents to mention their lives, but to show them to them. What they see, they will subtly become a way of thinking or behavior. What kind of person do you want to be?
  It can be seen that the parents are the children's enlightenment teachers and the children's lifelong learning teachers. At all times, family education is more important than school education.
  First-class family education, to cultivate outstanding children, that is, social elites, gold collar. Second-rate family education trains excellent children, that is, social white-collar workers. The third-rate family education cultivates ordinary children, that is, social blue collars.
  So, what kind of family education do you have?
  There may be many people who say that children are excellent or not, and family education is one of the reasons; on the other hand, the reason is that the economic foundation of the family determines whether the child has better development.
  We can't deny that the family's superior economic conditions bring more resources and platforms to the children's learning, which are not available to the poor and the children.
  I remember that when I was in elementary school, I often had some inspirational Chinese sayings that the children of poor families read hard, diligently, and worked hard in the middle of the night. The results always surpassed the children of the rich, and they ranked first.
  Every time I read such an article, my heart is like a chicken blood. I feel that as long as we work hard, the children of the poor can surpass all the children of the rich and sigh. When I grow up, I think about it. The family of the rich have good family conditions. The private school is a famous teacher. If they are reading like the poor children, can the poor children surpass the rich children?
  I am afraid it will be more difficult, just as the current class is solidified, it is getting harder and harder for the poor children to attack.
  When the poor children study English hard, and through a year of study, they find out how to find English learning methods. The rich children only need to report thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of training courses. The famous teachers of the university will study their own for many years. The experience is passed on to them and the performance is improved according to their learning status. Can children from poor families catch up with the English scores of rich children?
  When the children of the poor family only know that they are dead and study, and the ones improve their grades, the children of the rich have already reported various types of training courses and talent classes during the extracurricular time, comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality and ability, and comprehensively improve themselves.
  At this time, what do the poor children compare to the children of the rich? Achievement, strength, ability, or talent?
  The poor children go out to work during the summer vacation, pay tuition and living expenses, and still pay attention to the salary of one or two thousand a month. The children of the rich family spend tens of thousands of dollars on vacation, go out to travel or participate in an overseas study tour, go abroad and local students. Communicate and communicate, understand the local customs, broaden your horizons, and increase your knowledge.
  Experience and insights determine that the eyes and patterns of the rich and the children far exceed the children of the poor. When they grow up, the children of the rich will only become more and more excellent and richer.
  The children of the poor are getting harder and harder to attack. In an article "I can drink coffee with you for 18 years," you will realize that the end of the hard work of the poor is only the starting point for the rich.
  Perhaps you will feel sad and desperate for the situation of being a poor child . We do not rule out cases of individual poor people attacking. Even if there are no superior family conditions, the children of the poor can surpass the children of the rich as long as they have excellent education for their parents, because not every parent of the rich has a depth of thinking and cognition in educating the children.
  In Hunan TV's "Deformation Meter" program, you will see the children of rich people soaking bars, going to nightclubs, fighting at school, making troubles, being rebellious, swearing, swearing, poor grades, and extremely disrespectful to their parents. .
  You will find that parents are lacking in communication, patience, care and empathy in educating their children. In their cognitive thinking, they feel that the best love for their children is to give their children the best life. Even parents are over-spoken, satisfying children's material conditions but lacking spiritual training.
  My good friend, family conditions are not good, but the education of her parents makes her feel that she is never worse than the children of the rich. She said that her parents' thoughts and ideas deeply influence her growth. When she was doing her homework, her mother was reading a book. When she made a mistake, Dad talked about things and let her know where she was wrong. How to avoid it next time. Instead of blindly accusing and guilty, seriously hurt her young and fragile heart. When her exam failed, her parents never blamed her, but encouraged her to educate her .
  Later, she was admitted to a prestigious school to study abroad, and given her family condition to give up, her parents gave her a reassurance. Parents say that people's eyes should be long-term, not to ignore the moments of gains and losses. What you give up is not studying abroad but the future.
  At the graduation ceremony, she said that she is most grateful to her parents. Without their company and excellent education, they will not have their own self.
  In the book "Poor Dad and Rich Dad", the biggest difference between the poor and the rich is not wealth, but thinking. The biggest difference between a good child and an ordinary child is not family conditions, but family education.
  But what should we do when we have neither superior family nor good family education? Do you want to give up yourself?
  A book I have seen says that educating children is like building a house. Family education is the foundation of the house. School education and social education are the framework of the house. Self-education determines the height of the house and is the foundation of the child's change.
  Even if you have the best family education and family conditions, you don't change your mind and actions. You are still an ordinary person.
  Therefore, self-education is the elite of the society that truly determines whether the child will be ordinary people or the pillars of the country.
  We can't change the family we are born in, we can't choose our parents, but we can make a difference in our lives and change our lives. Even if the end of our efforts is only the starting point for the rich and the children, we should continue to work hard.
  Life will not disappoint you, and efforts will not disappoint you. At the very least, you will live better than you are now.