Child, I would rather you suffer a bitter
  My daughter is in a key middle school, starting a few days earlier than normal middle school.
  In the evening, my daughter was kneeling beside me, and she said reluctantly, "Mom, I will roll back to school tomorrow."
  I turned to look at her: "Are you still going back to school? It’s been fifty days since I played, and you are stupid when you play."
  The daughter is not happy with her mouth: "I still want to see the sea, and no one is accompanying me, and I have to go next year."
  Old justice is good to hear, promised: "Next Sunday, Dad will drive you to go, anyway, not far away, will be able to come back that day, do not delay learning . Children, happiness is the most important."
  I sighed twice: "You will be a good old man, as if my daughter is not my own, I hope that she is more happy than you."
  However, she is happy now, in the future? ”
  I remember that when I passed this Spring Festival, I was at work. Knocking on the door came a young man and a 50-year-old aunt.
  The young man asked slyly: "I heard that our company recruits first-line workers. What are the conditions?"
  The colleague in charge of recruitment will show him the recruitment brief: First-line workers must have a qualification in middle school or above and have a qualification certificate.
  The young man turned over in the bag for a long time, only found a diploma of a technical school, and did not have a qualification certificate.
  Colleagues told him that this is not up to the conditions and can be returned when the apprentice is recruited.
  The young man looked at the aunt with dismay: "Mom, people can't say it."
  The aunt piled up his face and laughed with my colleague: "He graduated from a technical school, but he did not work as a technician after graduation. He did not get a certificate. Prostitute, can you let him count as an apprentice?"
  Colleagues look back at me and ask with your eyes.
  I said, "You should be an apprentice next month. You can call our office and call us at any time. When we recruit apprentices, come back?"
  The young man looked at his unwilling face and asked his mother: "Mom, what should I do?"
  The aunt pulled him and said to go out.
  After a while, my cell phone rang, it was the phone call from my classmate Swallow. She asked me if I had gone to a mother and child?
  I said yes.
  She snorted and said to me: "That is my cousin and my cousin. This boy is a boy at home. It is very bad. It is not good to go to school, and I can’t bear to care. It is most important to say that children are happy."
  "It’s easy to suffer from a technical school. After graduation, my cousin went to a factory for an internship. I came back in less than a week and said that I was too tired. I used to be used to let him stay at home."
  "This is not the age of the object to be found. When someone introduces the target person, they ask, what is the job? I just understand that it is so big to find a job, or you will be a bachelor. You can see if you can give Take care of it? Let him be an apprentice at yours."
  I sighed.
  The mother who wants to make her child happy, she is not determined by the child's hard work, thinking that this is good for him, can make him happy. He was happy when he was a teenager, but what about adulthood?
  He doesn't have a high degree of education, he doesn't have a craft, how can he settle down? What do you rely on to achieve dignity?
  How can a man who can't even support himself manage how happy?
  I know a high school language teacher who has been seriously ill and treated in Beijing.
  Fortunately, the eldest son in Beijing after the completion of the university, can provide a place for father to eat and live, can also take him to a better hospital to cure, the condition has a good control.
  The teacher thought that some people around him had such a disease, he could only be treated in a small local hospital, and then he was resigned, and he could not help but feel:
  "When many of us blame the college entrance examination and open mouth quality education, do we realize that if you are not a big city, the quality education you say can only be an injection of an anesthetic for the growth of the next generation."
  "A lot of resources are limited. If you don't have the ability to compete, if you encounter a crisis, you can only do nothing in the face of difficulties."
  Yes. I agree with him and may be considered biased.
  I am a mother, I hope my children are happy than anyone else. But this happiness is by no means indulgent at the age of study, and it is only easy to figure out in this effort.
  Child, you are not coming to the world with a golden key. Born in an ordinary person like us, the only thing I can do for you is to create a better learning opportunity for you to step up to a higher mountain.
  At that time, the scenery you see in your eyes will be beautiful.
  If you have been at the feet of destiny and worry about your livelihood, then the beautiful scenery is also a bitter in your eyes. At this point, how much I am soft to you, how ruthless life will be for you in the future.
  I would rather owe you a happy teenager than to see your whispering adulthood.
  If you want to dance long sleeves on the stage of your future life, you have to spend more nights, eat more bitterness, and read more books.
  A truly happy life is to get through a sweaty river to arrive.
  Only when you plant in the spring, you can finally harvest a garden.