The more you believe in children, the more successful your child is.
  I have a friend who told me such a thing.
  She has a son on the third grade, and once on the test trial of her son, a high fever, so did not go to take the test. Later, she found the teachers in the various departments of the school, explained the original to them, and returned to the mid-term test paper, ready to let his son test at home.
  When she got home, she considered how to get her son to take these midterm exams at home. She thought: son learning achievement has been moderate, there will certainly be some of the content will not do the test at home, will he have a peek at the idea of it? Am I letting myself take time or do I supervise him?
  Later, she thought: I often heard people say that children who grow up in strict control can't be independent; children who grow up under pressure often worry; trust children who grow up in the middle, believe in others.
  So she decided to choose to trust the child. On that Sunday, she put the test paper in front of her son and said, "It is eight o'clock, the test time is one and a half hours, the clock is there, you look at it yourself. If it is, you will wind it up." She closed the door to do her housework.
  Sure enough, at half past nine, the son came out and handed it to her paper, and went to play with pleasure. She went back to his son's room and saw that her son's schoolbag was quietly lying in a corner, and it didn't move at all. It seems that the son did not "cheating" at all.
  She is very happy with her son, knowing what the exam should look like. Her son manages himself according to the school exams. When the time comes, he no longer does the problem, and he does not know that there is "cheating".
  She chose to believe in the child, and the child also worked very hard. She could not help but sigh: the child is so pure!
  She was grateful for her choice at that moment, and she was glad that she did not use the subtext to tell the children these bad concepts: the exam is a secret reading, you are not trustworthy.
  In 1961, Pierre Paul came to a poor primary school as the principal. He was very troubled by the students who had been idle all day, and tried various methods, but still did not effectively guide the students to be positive.
  Later, Pierre Paul found that the children here were superstitious, so he added one more content to the class—reading the students, and finally had a little effect.
  Little Rawls is one of the students in this school. Like most of the students here, he doesn't like to learn, fight, fight, smoke, and do everything.
  One day, he jumped from the window sill to the classroom to "sit" as usual, stretching his hand to the podium, just being caught by Pierre Paul.
  Unexpectedly, this time, Pierre Paul gently lifted the small hand of Little Rawls, and then looked at the front of the eye for a long time, then smiled and said to him: "It's gone! You hand! Look, so Slender little finger, you must be the governor of New York State in the future!"
  Little Rawls is very excited inside: No, I will be the governor of New York State in the future! I still remember that when I was a child, my grandmother said that I can become a five-ton boat captain. That time is enough for me to think about it! This time it turned out to be the governor of New York State. Yes, I must make it a reality!
  From that day on, Rawls was like a reborn, his clothes were no longer muddy, and his speech was no longer uncomfortable. He began to feel energetic every day, radiantly coming to school, and he would not have a day in the next forty years. Ask yourself as the governor.
  Pierre Paul believes that Little Rawls will be the governor of New York State in the future. Although it is a good deception, Rawls believed in this sentence and persisted . Finally, he quickly appreciated. At the age of 51, he finally became The governor.
  I have a neighbor named Xiaofang. Her children are very cute and smart.
  However, Xiaofang was very dissatisfied with her child and listened to her complaining about her child in the community all day long.
  One morning, the child was late, and it was late, Xiaofang blurted out: "It’s all time, and I still sleep with my ass! How is this child so lazy, who learns?"
  On the way to school, the child is moving, running and jumping. As a result, he accidentally fell. Xiaofang said with anger: "Live, let you be naughty! Don't be honest, right? What about monkey nerve?"
  Writing homework at home, the child's words are not neatly written, Xiaofang said angrily: "You are blowing the northwest wind? Is there a word? Is it straight to understand? I just forgot to forget it?" ”
  For a long time, children have a deep feeling of being ununderstood and untrusted, because he feels that doing something wrong and doing nothing in his mother's eyes is not good. However, my mother did not tell him in time what to do.
  If the mother is vented, let him no longer have the thought of going up. Recently, he saw that he was absent from school. According to his mother, playing games at home all day, my mother was crazy.
  The child is very sensitive to the language of the adult, so it is the biggest taboo to say that the morale of the child is impaired.
  This kind of negative language often cuts the positive consciousness that parents have instilled in the past, leaving the child with no confidence and no effort.
  Therefore, words like "anyway, can't be expected", "sure enough" and so on, may weaken the child's confidence and reduce morale. Please don't say it to parents.
  People are very susceptible to hints, including adults. If a person is always implied by others as a good character, kind and friendly, he will gradually develop a sense of self-affirmation in this atmosphere, and his character will develop in a healthy direction;
  If a person is always implied to have a problem, he will continue to self-denial in this respect, gradually losing self-confidence and slipping in the wrong direction.
  Some studies have found that even a person's appearance will change under the constant suggestion of others. The plain-looking person will become more and more radiant in the eyes of appreciation; the people of the five senses will continue to despise, and will become described as dry and languid.
  Parents should treat their children with a healthy attitude in order to allow their children to grow up physically and mentally.
  As a mother, trust and companionship are the best gifts for children.
  You believe how good your child is and how hard the child will behave. Do you believe he will become what kind of person, he will behave towards that direction struggle .