Problem child from problem parents
  My friend went to a wedding and couldn’t help but feel guilty. The idea is that the two sons of his relatives have both read a bad university, found a job that is not very good, and parents have bought a house for them in the city where they work. When the boss of the previous year got married, the woman had to pay another 80,000 yuan. When the family didn't, she said that she owed it first.
  This year, the garlic was harvested and sold for more than 50,000 yuan. The eldest son will take it all. The parents said that they had to pay a living allowance of 3,000 yuan. Then, the old people have children, and they have to get money from their parents. Parents moved east and west, and finally managed to do it. Then the second child is going to get married, there is a boss wife who is there, and the second wife has to pay 80,000 yuan. Then add the money and other expenses for the wedding, how can it be a small 100,000.
  When his father’s East Norse borrowed, he scraped together 6,000 yuan. Under one anger, he took the borrowed 6,000 yuan and left home, never going back. At the second son's wedding, when the mother couldn't help but suffer from the heart, she burst into tears on the spot!
  That year, it was just winter, not when it was heating. The sky was suddenly snowing, and the weather suddenly became cold. Many children who went to school did not have cotton-padded shoes. Moreover, because the snow on the road is too thick, people and cars can't pass. I was asked by my younger siblings to go to school to send cotton clothes to prostitutes. On the way back, I saw a mother holding a down jacket and eagerly draped her daughter. Only, the girl is not happy, not even moved. She pulled the down jacket angrily and threw it into the snow:
  "Who made you come? You don't look at it, such a down jacket, who is still wearing it now?"
  "You wear it first, wait for the sun to buy a new one." The mother picked up the down jacket and said in a negotiating tone.
  "If you don't wear it, don't wear it! Let's go! I don't want you to freeze it!" The girl took the down jacket again and threw it into the snow. Being a mother's red face, picking up the down jacket, patted it in her arms and said to herself:
  "Now the child, only knows that it is better, I don't know cold. This is also bought last year, can't you wear it?" She smiled and turned to tears. She buried her face in the red down jacket, and she cried her shoulders and walked away... She wore a little cotton jacket she made herself, and she didn’t even have a coat outside...
  She watched her go far and didn't see her transportation. This parent is very likely to be walking, she has to walk back. Is it just that the road to go back is more difficult and longer than the road to come?
  I really don’t know if those children who only care about their own enjoyment and don’t care about their parents’ lives are all iron-hearted! I really don't know, such a child has thought about the money he spent casually, how hard the parents earned!
  "You can't afford me, what are you doing for me?"
  "You can't afford even your children, do you still have a face?"
  Is this child more excessive? It’s this child who doesn’t study well and still has to go to school. After graduating from junior high school, I went to three plus two, and the monthly living expenses were more than two thousand. There is nothing wrong with this, but he also drinks, smokes, and fights for others. Once, when he injured someone else, he ran away. His parents gave him a medical treatment, and they gave compensation to others. They spent one or two thousand before and after.
  It’s this kid, don’t want money, don’t even call, and go home and do nothing, you know that you don’t have the skills to dislike your parents.
  However, how do these children who only care about their own enjoyment and disregard their parents’ lives are actually made up?
  An old lady took a six- or seven-year-old grandson to take a bus. Someone gave her a seat, but she let her grandson sit down. She stood. A mother sent her son to school, holding a child in her arms, and carrying a son’s bag on her back. Another old man sent his grandson to school. He stood in the cold wind on the side of the road and stopped. The grandson sat on the side of the road to watch the mobile phone. On the bus, there were old people or pregnant women on the bus. Many students who sat down turned a blind eye...
  A child who does not know how to respect the old and love the young is shameful! A child who does not know satisfaction and gratitude is terrible! "Old and old, old, young and young." If he can turn a blind eye to the old, weak, and sick, you can't expect him to grow up to be filial to you!
  To learn to do things, learn to be a man! Respecting the old and loving the young, this is the basic principle of being a human being . If a child can't do even the minimum respect for the old and the young, what good is his academic performance?
  The long and young esteem in life can never be wrong. Most of the children with problems are from problematic parents. When your child ignores your life and death and only cares about your own enjoyment, you should check yourself, not complain about the society or the teacher! Don't pay for the children at all costs, and try to satisfy the child's wishes. In the end, they can only develop a selfish and greedy child!